Brief Descriptions of Keys

 20Keys Maps

20 Keys enables everyone to have a common understanding of the current level of the Company in comparison with all other companies in the world

1- Cleaning and Organising to Make Work Easy

2- Rationalising the System / Goal Alignment

3- Small Group Activities               

4- Reducing Work-in Process

5- Quick Changeover Technology

6- Kaizen of Operations

7- Zero Monitor Manufacturing / Production

8- Coupled Manufacturing / Production

9- Maintaining Machines & Equipment

10- Workplace Discipline

11- Quality Assurance

12- Developing Your Suppliers

13- Eliminating Waste

14- Empowering Employees to make Improvements  

15- Skill Versatility and Cross-training

16- Production Scheduling

17- Efficiency Control

18- Using Information Systems

19- Conserving Energy and Materials

20- Leading Technology / Site Technology

4S in the 20 Keys program is not something imposed on you, but something that helps you because these tools make your job simple and easy.  The first step is to build company-wide common understanding and then to steadily climb from level 1 to level 5. 
 4S is the basis of productivity improvement as it links with the other Keys included in the program.  During the course of its implementation, you may also see improvement in the other Keys.  This is due to the linkage effect between all the Keys, which in turn is an indication of adequate spreading of 4S throughout the workplace. 
 4S makes your work easier and more meaningful.