What 20 Keys are about?

 Improvement over a broad front (holistic).

 Involve all   (From Top to Bottom = Management, Team Leaders, Staff, Shop floor workers are all responsible, committed and rewarded) People are the Great Asset of an Effective Organization . 

 Step-by-step (and step-change) improvement .

 Regular reviews and benchmarking .

What are the 20 Keys?

 The 20 Keys system is based on a comprehensive and holistic methodology for strengthening an organisation’s continuous operations improvement capability; in people, processes, and the productive use of technology. The system was founded by Japanese engineer, prof. Iwao Kobayashi, in 1982.

He also wrote a book about it, describing the system as 20 practical and synergistically integrated focus areas (Keys).

Underlying the methodology is a benchmark and progress review system, guiding the improvement efforts to higher levels of operations excellence. All aspects of operations excellence are covered and people at all levels and in all functions of  the organisation are involved.