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Professor Iwao Kobayashi (Founder of 20keys)

 A brief profile on Professor Kobayashi:

 Iwao Kobayashi was a well-known engineer in Japan, and creator of the PPORF 20 Keys program for developing manufacturing companies’ core abilities to adapt to change. 

 He graduated from Shibaura Technical University in 1943 and entered Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, where he had been in charge of the design and production department, and established the first mixed-lot automated assembly line in Japan. He also founded a number of factories and contributed to their shop floor and production management techniques.  

 During his career at Mitsubishi he developed a visual control system that shortened the work in process lead time by 75% and increased productivity by 100%. He trained 25 subsidiaries of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries based on his extensive knowledge of operations improvement. 

 He founded the PPROF Development Institute in 1981 and has been successfully promoting the improvement of manufacturing quality in more than 300 companies worldwide. 

 In 1994,  Prof. Kobayashi established the East Japan PPROF Development Institute as a joint enterprise with Seiko Electronic Industries in the capacity of president and representative director of the company.

 Mr. Kobayashi published  his book “20 Keys to Workplace Improvement” in Japanese, English and various other languages. 

Some reviews

 "This is the first work I have read that sets a structure and framework for organizations to follow if they wish to revolutionize the workplace. Kobayashi has removed the mystery of how to accomplish major improvement in a business. His insight is true genius!"

 --John Sutter, VP of Manufacturing, National Rubber Company, Inc.

 "An extraordinarily powerful book...pulls together all the strands of world class manufacturing into a package which is readily understandable at all levels of an organization. By using simple drawings Kobayashi truly demonstrates that 'every picture speaks a thousand words' and in the process produces a methodology which ensures that everyone will work together for the common good. Not only does it inspire; it also shows how to achieve. --Peter D. Wickens, Centre for Achievement in Manufacturing Management, University of Sunderland, United Kingdom .


 The Japanese book can be purchased from the website of PDI in Japan .


For the English version of the book please enquire at www.odi.co.za .